・Name: Vichada Saksri
・Country: Thailand
・School/ company: Chanapatana International Design Institute  ・Age: 26 years old

3.Impressions of participating in a contest
First of all, I would like to thank you to Sakura collection. This is my first opportunity to work with an international contest and create kid clothes with Futakoshi Chirimen. I am really proud,enjoy and happy.I have to research about kids and consider which design is appropriate with kids. I have a chance to work with kid.They are so sweet and adorable. They make my design with Futakoshi Chirimen look more playful and happy. I love it.

4.Highlights of your design and works
I want to represent Futakoshi Chirimen by inspiration from all of the kid festivals in Japanand I want to create my work look colorful,enjoyable and happy by using cut&join,pleating and dyeing techniques. First of all,I cut&join 2 or 3 colors of Futakoshi Chirimen and pleating on some parts to make it interesting. Another highlight is dyeing faded color on linen fabric with indigo and sappan wood. I realized about sustainable and chemical on fabric for kids, the natural way is the best combination with Futakoshi Chirimen.

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学校: チャパタナ・インターナショナル・デザイン研究所


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