1. Picture

  1. Profile

Name: Jennifer


Country: Indonesia


Company: Sole proprietorship


Age: 23

  1. Impressions of participating in a contest

This is a big opportunity as a fashion designer to be able to participate for sakura  collection competition. Moreover, it is such an honor for me to be chosen as a finalist and get  to use Futakoshi Chirimen (Japanese Crepe cloth) to be part of my design.




  1. Highlights of design and works

Theme: Jamenco


My design is about the brave and energetic vibe that comes into life, it shows how I express  my feelings into fashion through color. The dress has its own characteristics and I influenced it with  a touch of flamenco style and Japanese cloth which brings out the uniqueness between the two  cultures. Flamenco is an art form based on the various folkloric music.